Level Three Map

Level 2 map of the inner rooms of the Weyr

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/* Drop down messages script By JavaScript Kit (http://javascriptkit.com) Over 400+ free scripts here! */ //change contents of message box, where the first one corresponds with the first drop down box, second with second box etc var thecontents=new Array() thecontents[0]='Here you will find descriptions of the various rooms and areas of the Weyr.' thecontents[1]='Equipped with rows of ye olde standard desks, tables and chalkboards, these are also Smart Classrooms(tm) boasting wide-screed vid units, projection capabilities, and laser pointers. Candidates and weyrlings raise your hands if you\'ve ever seen anyone use any of these things. Anyone?' thecontents[2]='The creche was placed keeping in mind easy access from the Lower Caverns, appartment units, or elevator. There is plenty of space and rooms to keep children separated or allow them to play together. THe FSP also fitted several rooms with interactive playing and learning technology for those children who don\'t yet receive official harper training in the classrooms upstairs. Most of this is currently unused.' thecontents[3]='From the second level, only the balcony is accessible. The ceiling is mainly natural, requiring especially tall persons to mind their heads in parts.' thecontents[4]='Everyone\'s favorite Offworld contribution, the elevators lead all the way up to the heights. Alternatively, stairs are availble at the end of most hallways for those with their doubts.' thecontents[5]='Big enough to strike envy into the hearts of most major university research departments, the labs at the Weyr were designed with long-term reserach goals in mind. Biological, geological, sociological, and anything else logical or illogical has designated reseach space here. Accessible to dragons via cliff-face entrance and everyone non-flight-capable through the Lower Caverns. The Labs were not yet fully outfitted when the FSP left, but they left in a big enough hurry not to collect what was already there. Since their departure, these complexes have been locked up and designated OFF LIMITS to all Weyrhold residents.' thecontents[6]='See Ground Level Map for details.' thecontents[7]='The ceilings of both human and dragon infirmaries vault into the second level. All activity takes place on the levels below. See Ground Level Map for more details.' thecontents[8]='The second level of Lower Caverns is mostly divided into workspaces. It was a more active space when the Weyr was fully occupied, and is now used almost exclusively for storage.' thecontents[9]='These apartments are designed for single and family occupancy in a very FSP fashion. Most include a master bedroom, small bedroom, living room, kitchenette and bathroom. A few sets of rooms were connected with a door on the inner wall to accomodate larger families. Since the FSP left, a few of the rooms closer to the lower caverns have been rearranged in a style more similar to barracks. This is where many of the younger lower caverns and kitchen staff live until they start a family.' thecontents[10]='After surviving training for a over a year, weyrlings are finally given the chance for some privacy. Each weyr houses two dragons and their riders, and is furnished with only the very basic necessities: two dragon couches, two beds, two clothespresses, a closet, a desk, and a bathroom. No one ever said any part of weyrlinghood was luxurious. There is space for 60 senior weyrlings, although the weyrs have never been full to capacity. This is fortunate, since 16 of the weyrs are down halls and have no view of the Beach. Those weyrs have been collecting dust since construction, but are there if they are ever needed.' thecontents[11]='Located strategically throughout the Weyrhold, the storerooms contain everything needed to function from day to day. From linens and extra clothing to food stores and spare computer parts, only the headwoman really knows where to find it all. Two of the store rooms attached to the kitchen are rigged up with refridgeration units, turning them effectively into meatlockers. The unit closest to the beach is used for Firestone and HNO3 tanks.' thecontents[12]='Wingriders are given their choice of private weyr, either single, double, or family occupancy depending on their domestic status. Most weyrs are located on the upper levels of the Weyrhold, with smaller weyrs on the lower levels and larger weyrs toward the top. Single and double occupancy weyrs are mostly similar to any other weyrs on Pern with couch(es) for the dragon(s), a bedroom and living space and bathroom for the rider(s). In addition to this, however, the FSP added in full fourth millenium comforts: kitchenettes, extra bedrooms, and technological trimmings. All weyrs have vid screens and intercoms. Most have sliding door access to a hall allowing the rider to walk out instead of waiting for a ride from his or her dragon. Most riders are uncertain what to do with the technology, and a few don\'t even know how to use the kitchen gadgets. For a society far more accustomed to communal living, the FSP contributions have gone largely unappreciated.' //don't edit pass this line function changecontent(which){ document.ddmessage.contentbox.value=thecontents[which.selectedIndex] } document.ddmessage.contentbox.value=thecontents[document.ddmessage.selectbox.selectedIndex]


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